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Legends Chairman Andy Riddle reports on his Plymouth Half Marathon effort

(June 14, 2010)

After weeks of training, the big day arrived.  Although this year's start time had been brought forward to 9 am, the early morning cloud soon disappeared and by the time the cannon from the Citadel signalled the start, the sun was out and conditions were on the warm side.

Despite optimistically positioning myself in the sub two hour start zone it took me almost four minutes from the gun to crossing the start line.  I managed to get into a steady pace.  The first familiar face I spotted in the large crowds lining the streets was a certain Neil Hague, perhaps not surprisingly positioned handily by a pub!

It was a relief to get the climb out of Saltram Park behind me and I still felt comfortable as I commenced the long downhill stretch back into the city centre although it did briefly cross my mind at this stage that the winner was, by now finished.

With tired legs, I managed the final climb onto the Hoe and even managed a sprint (well sort of!) across the finish line.  My time was 2 hours five minutes which I was quite pleased with although having come so close, it would have been nice to break the two hour mark.  Perhaps next year.

It was nice to see some other ‘Legends' among the spectators, namely Leigh Cooper, Marcus Crocker and Steve Adams.  Hopefully you have been inspired to run next year and it would be nice to enter a Legends team.  If an old codger like me can do it I'm sure you young whippersnappers can as well.

Congratulations also to Mickey Evans for completing the course although modesty prevents me from saying which of us was first past the post.

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